May Lawn & Home Care Inc. has been creating and maintaining landscapes in the Flathead Valley since 2001.

Yvonne started with a farm kid work ethic, a small truck, and a push mower maintaining properties around Flathead Lake. A year later her husband Jake joined her. Jake’s interest and experience in design and installation quickly formed into a landscape division. Ten years later May Lawn & Home Care Inc. is one of the valley’s few full service start to finish and beyond landscape providers. Check out our service menu to see a list of all of our services. Or take a look in the galleries to see what our crews have been up to.


Signs of a winterized sprinker system

We have many calls in the fall wondering if an irrigation system has been winterized.  Our crews generally call to inform that we will be winterizing prior to the visit.  If you can’t remember if you received the call a few quick looks will help you determine if it has already been done. First find […]



We are coming up on that time again.  Orange and Camo will be on the thoughts of many a Montana’s…when you hear that you need to think… PROTECT YOURSELF!  Normally it’s the realization that the woods are now loaded.  Wear bright colors, stay on trail and whatever you do don’t go  grunting up the mountain, […]


All hellos and no goodbyes!

What an amazing spring! First week of May and we have apple trees in full bloom, lilacs just starting and now fresh powder on the mountain!   This world we have been given never cease to amaze me. So many new creations coming to life and the timing of it all is beautiful. I love the […]