We are coming up on that time again.  Orange and Camo will be on the thoughts of many a Montana’s…when you hear that you need to think… PROTECT YOURSELF!  Normally it’s the realization that the woods are now loaded.  Wear bright colors, stay on trail and whatever you do don’t go  grunting up the mountain, struggle through tight brush exploring for new areas… in your brown fuzzy fleece .

What you also should be thinking is PROTECT YOUR YARD!  Those deer will be rubbing the aspen trees trying to remove the felt or just cause they’re mad. They don’t always stick to aspens though…any tree smaller than 6″ diameter and no branches around 3-5 feet could be damaged and die slowly from the injury.

We recommend placing corregated plastic tubing, strong wire, plastic “cardboard” or anything to keep the deer from chosing the tree to rub.  If they do rub, the cover should offer protection and keep the bark mostly intact.

We leave the covers on until spring.  The deer should be done all their rampaging by Christmas so if you really do not like them you should be safe to remove at that time.

This quick act can help save you from the unsightly black bark that comes from the damage or the possible loss of a tree…Then head out hunting and fill the freezer!