Whitefish Lake Landscape Project – Award Winning

Lakes-edge10-220x146May Lawn & Home Care Inc. would like to congratulate Mindful Designs Inc. on the Parade of Homes 2015 award winning project.  We had the opportunity to work with the home owner, Marty at Mindful, and Archer Excavation to tweak the established design to fit in with the property’s finishes and the owner’s desires.  Our project manager, Trebor Schwada did amazing job of juggling schedules, managing the site’s difficult access, and keeping an eye on the finish touches needed on this beautiful home.  This site did have a difficult access and we had to work in conjunction with all the trades to complete in a timely manner.   Being a summer highlight project for Trebs’s crew to work on with all the stone stair/walkway/retaining wall work, grading, lighting, planting, erosion control, and irrigation.




Rapid Finished Season-Landscape

Wow that was a quick shut down to the 2014 landscape season.  In three and weeks it went from sunny 70 degrees to 12 degrees.   Below is a snap shot of the end of year.

Friday- weather was sunny-we finished grading and seeding a 24000 sq ft lawn and 15000 sq ft native area-project ready for grass to grow in 2015

Saturday-weather started sunny and progressed to overcast-we worked on flagstone front entrance setting stone and getting base prepared

Sunday-weather was down pouring rain and cold – we finished final cuts and washing sand joints at 4:00 pm – down to the wire

Monday– weather is cold low of 12 degrees – went to job site to clean up – ground was frozen solid – shovels were useless


Rod’s crew last project of the year. Montana Select 2-3″ flagstone walkway.




landscape-lighting-design-03It is amazing how fast new technology can find its place amongst our lives.  May Lawn & Home Care Inc. is always looking for new ways to help make your landscaping better – not just aesthetically but also in energy savings wise.  Whether it be a water saving smart irrigation controller(only controller we install), well placed trees for shading, or LED lighting. We have been installing LED landscape lighting for the past 4 years.  Why LED lighting?

-bulbs last longer, some manufactures warranties are 15 years(when coupled with their transformers)

-lighting hue selections, manufactures offer different hues of light to match existing lights or change lighting effect

-LED lights use less electricity, not only means a smaller power bill but less in wire and transformer costs due to less voltage needed at each fixture

Landscape lighting can add to the safety of your property by illuminating walkways as the nights grow longer and can add visibility and depth to the landscape at night.  May Lawn & Home Care Inc. has been awarded the Kichler Lighting Pro status through our numerous years of experience installing their fixtures.  We not only offer Kichler landscape lights but FxLuminaire and Cast.  If between these three suppliers we can not find a lighting fixture that will meet your style and needs we can custom make lights.

187This light was created using a reclaimed timber and a LED fixture from Kichler.  It matches the architectural highlights of the home and fits very nicely into the landscape.

Give us a call or email to set up an appointment to discuss your lighting needs.


Have you met her?

Some of you may have through this summer but if not here is Krista. She jumped in last year helping Yvonne with all the odd jobs that come up in a season.

Krista is a full Montana girl and has been in the Flathead Valley since 1998. She brings tons of knowledge in irrigation installation and repair as well as plant design and care. She is continuing to increase her knowledge as she problem solves all those little things that come up over the life of a landscape!

Krista  also loves to run like the wind..representing MLHC the whole way!  See if you can find her at the next raceKrista- Nipika


Absentee Homeowner Property Care- Call Rod!

Yes this is Yvonne’s brother!  But years ago Yvonne was known as Rod’s little sis as he helped her get her first mowing contracts and taught her care of equipment and dedication to quality work.

Rod came to join the May Lawn Team in 2008 and work with his brother-in-law Jake.  Rod’s extensive knowledge in  construction, equipment and care taking of his own rental properties  was put to work quickly as he lead the “quality control” crew.  Rod is our go to person when you need something done and done right.

Rod is putting all his skills into a new business for Absentee Homeowner Property Care. Things like home checks to satisfy insurance requirements, repairs or supervision of, hot tub care, snow plowing, owner arrival preparations. Call him and discuss what he can do for you. Rod May at 261-5950 or rodmay159@hotmail.com

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