He’s ready for everything!

Born and raised in Whitefish, Montana, Joel Phelps has been serving our community since he was old enough to push a lawn mower. He started off serving you food and cleaning your clubs at our Whitefish Lake Golf Course. He’s had a hand in building numerous houses in our valley and there’s a good chance he has poured the concrete for your house! For the past few years he has been landscaping your yards as a supervisor at May Lawn and Home Care. His hard work and success has led him to start, Stumptown Snow Plowing. He comes highly recommended and aims to ensure quality care for your home or business’s snow management needs. Contact Joel at 471-6364
Licensed and insured


Checking your thatch layer

Just wanted to give you all an example of a thatch plug and what we are looking for in your lawn.  We don’t want to see thatch over a 1/2 of an inch.  We suggest aeration but we have found that there are times we need to power dethatch to get actually get through the excessive thatch that has built up.

Thatch Plug


Let the summer work begin…..

How many tools?

All Lined up!

Kick from our favorite place! Montana Coffee Traders

New tools painted, machines back in a line and staff caffeinated and ready to go! We had a fantastic winter visiting family and friends with some skiing in between and during.  Hope your winter was fantastic too!


Weather sensing controllers

Want to green up you lawn but want to “Green up” your impact on the earth?

Weather sensing irrigation controller are you ticket.  ET Clocks are another name for these Smart Controllers.    We can replace your old irrigation contoller with a smart controller  and program it in about an hour.  We have tried many brands of ET clocks and have found Weathermatic to be the most user friendly. Please contact us to discuss more!


Whitefish Crew!

You’ve know them for years and they are back again. Your trusty and faithful Brandy and Kat will continue to magically make your backyard into an oasis. Just think of all the time these girls save you in a summer!

Whitefish Mow Crew

They hope you are getting out and enjoying your family and town!

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