Absentee Homeowner Property Care- Call Rod!

Yes this is Yvonne’s brother!  But years ago Yvonne was known as Rod’s little sis as he helped her get her first mowing contracts and taught her care of equipment and dedication to quality work.

Rod came to join the May Lawn Team in 2008 and work with his brother-in-law Jake.  Rod’s extensive knowledge in  construction, equipment and care taking of his own rental properties  was put to work quickly as he lead the “quality control” crew.  Rod is our go to person when you need something done and done right.

Rod is putting all his skills into a new business for Absentee Homeowner Property Care. Things like home checks to satisfy insurance requirements, repairs or supervision of, hot tub care, snow plowing, owner arrival preparations. Call him and discuss what he can do for you. Rod May at 261-5950 or