Signs of a winterized sprinker system

We have many calls in the fall wondering if an irrigation system has been winterized.  Our crews generally call to inform that we will be winterizing prior to the visit.  If you can’t remember if you received the call a few quick looks will help you determine if it has already been done.

First find your VPB on the outside of your home.  It is generally brass with a black plastic top.   Confirm that the valve handles are at 45 degree angles and the test cock valves are open at 45 as well.  Leave them in this position as it allows any moisture to excape.

VPB winterized marked

VPB in off position arrows showing winterized position



TWS. There are several types but all have a plug that will drain water- do not loosen the key area nut!

If you have a TWS(through the wall shut off) you will find that the brass plug on the bottom has been removed and is taped on the pipe to allow it to drain.  TWS act like a frost free faucet or hose bib on the exterior of your home in which we can turn off with a special key without meeting anyone.

finding irrigation pipes under house

Green handle valve is drain for irrigation system in this picture. Shut off is red handle to the left of it before the back flow preventor.

If you have neither of these you would have to confirm the water source is off and that it has been drained which is generally in the crawl space- this may be difficult to tell if it has been drained so a phone call may have to occur to confirm.

IF we have had a few hard freezes below -20 the pipes would mostly likely have burst and you would have a beautiful ice sculpture to confirm it hadn’t been winterized.



We are coming up on that time again.  Orange and Camo will be on the thoughts of many a Montana’s…when you hear that you need to think… PROTECT YOURSELF!  Normally it’s the realization that the woods are now loaded.  Wear bright colors, stay on trail and whatever you do don’t go  grunting up the mountain, struggle through tight brush exploring for new areas… in your brown fuzzy fleece .

What you also should be thinking is PROTECT YOUR YARD!  Those deer will be rubbing the aspen trees trying to remove the felt or just cause they’re mad. They don’t always stick to aspens though…any tree smaller than 6″ diameter and no branches around 3-5 feet could be damaged and die slowly from the injury.

We recommend placing corregated plastic tubing, strong wire, plastic “cardboard” or anything to keep the deer from chosing the tree to rub.  If they do rub, the cover should offer protection and keep the bark mostly intact.

We leave the covers on until spring.  The deer should be done all their rampaging by Christmas so if you really do not like them you should be safe to remove at that time.

This quick act can help save you from the unsightly black bark that comes from the damage or the possible loss of a tree…Then head out hunting and fill the freezer!



All hellos and no goodbyes!

What an amazing spring! First week of May and we have apple trees in full bloom, lilacs just starting and now fresh powder on the mountain!   This world we have been given never cease to amaze me. So many new creations coming to life and the timing of it all is beautiful. I love the changes and surprises that keep everyday new!

New changes and growth are constants in our line of work. May Lawn & Home Care has been experiencing this in the company from day 1!  God has blessed our company more than Jake and I could ever imaging. Who ever imagined we would have over 20 staff, 11 trucks (although we need 3 more right now!),  tons of big boy toys (skids and excavators) and probably over a 100 hand tools!! We have been so blessed with the clients and staff we have been privileged to serve and serve with. The last few years we have felt a change in our hearts and a noticed that we may not have the best skills for leading MLHC into the future.

 So we started to look….. This winter we were introduced to Bob Zanett from Minnesota and the first of April Bob became the new owner of MLHC!  He brings his family of 4 as well as his brother Jon and his family of 3 to the valley to join us.   Jake and I believe God has brought this together and have seen him working out the details!  Our major concerns were the continuation of a healthy work environment for our staff and detailed care for our clients. Of which we are confident  both will occur. We will be working with Bob and Jon over the next year to ensure a smooth transition. Also as of this week you will be able to reach Jon for maintenance questions at 261-8480 and Bob at 261-9515 for new installation inquiries.

 Jake and I again  want to thank you all for trusting us and allowing our company to serve you these past years!  It has been a blessing


Yvonne and JakeIMG_2237

It’s been so great getting to know you who we’ve met, and for those we haven’t had the chance to meet we are really looking forward to it! We wanted to introduce ourselves to all of you so you know a bit about us.

 We were both born in a super small town (Bob was Valedictorian in a class of 6 and Jon, not a Valedictorian, of 27) tucked away in the San Juan mountains of Colorado. The town is called Ouray. If you haven’t seen pictures of Ouray you should look it up. Very beautiful, much like here!

Our father was a miner and our mom worked at the local bank. We grew up in and around the mines with our dad. From a very young age we really got to see what hard work meant and often were sometimes put to work. We also got to see what honesty, integrity, and taking pride in your work meant.

We have always been close as a family. Our parents still live in Ouray and are retired.  We both absolutely love the outdoors. If you ever want to go fly fishing give Jon a call! Family is very important to us, Bob and his wife Kristi have 3 children and Jon and his wife Amy have 2 little ones. We are both so excited and feel blessed to become part of the community. Please say “hi” if you see us! If it takes us a couple tries to remember names, please don’t be offended.

We are so grateful too to Jake and Yvonne! They are amazing! We wanted to thank them so much for the hard work they put into May Lawn and the service they have done for the past 15 years.

God Bless!

Bob and Jon Zanett

May Lawn and Home Care

Maintenance – 261-8480

Install and Design – 261-9515



What do we do in the winter you ask?

ERica Picking beansWell some of the crew members stick around the valley enjoying the snow but some as you see head to warmer climates!  Erica has traveled to Hawaii this winter to continue to enhance her skills with plants. We are excited to hear her stories and learn about the skills she acquired while basking in the warmth!  Can you tell what she’s picking?  Hint..it’s one of our favorite treats we like to grab  from Montana Coffee Traders!


Off the wall – Work Pant Review

Just by the nature of landscaping and lawncare we put tools and equipment to the test.  I thought I could give you some input on work pants.  Everyday we have a chance to check durability, function, and comfort of our work pants.  I have worn Levi blue jeans, various Carhartts, Wrangler work pant, even Patagonia Standup pants.  Here is my take on two……….carharttCarhartt, the most popular work pant in Montana, even considered formal wear.  The Double Front Duck pant is a staple on Montana work and fashion for men.   I swore by these pants for many years.  On the older ones you would have to make a small tweak-cut- to make your protected smart phone fit into pocket.  Once you break these in they are a great work pant.  My second favorite.

dickieThe Dickies Double Knee is mygo to work pant now.  A few years ago I inadvertently bought two pairs.  I immediately found them more comfortable during work – lighter but surprisingly just as durable.  After three years of use they started to fray at the bottom of the leg, to be expected after three years.  The light material makes for cooler wearing in the summer months, us landscapers appreciate that.  They are reinforced just in the knees so there is no excess materials that would lead to a bulky pant feel.  The utility pocket is a good size for a protected smart phone.  They wash well, any stains(oil and grease) come out fairly easy.

A weird post, but a few friends asked me to put this up.


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