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Having issues or just want to learn more?  Here is a link to Weathermatic’s own list of tips, videos and instructions.  Check it out..and if you still have issues give the office a call and one of our irrigation techs can talk you through it or make an appointment to show you personally.


Click here for link→ Weathermatic Programing Videos



Have you met her?

Some of you may have through this summer but if not here is Krista. She jumped in last year helping Yvonne with all the odd jobs that come up in a season.

Krista is a full Montana girl and has been in the Flathead Valley since 1998. She brings tons of knowledge in irrigation installation and repair as well as plant design and care. She is continuing to increase her knowledge as she problem solves all those little things that come up over the life of a landscape!

Krista  also loves to run like the wind..representing MLHC the whole way!  See if you can find her at the next raceKrista- Nipika


Absentee Homeowner Property Care- Call Rod!

Yes this is Yvonne’s brother!  But years ago Yvonne was known as Rod’s little sis as he helped her get her first mowing contracts and taught her care of equipment and dedication to quality work.

Rod came to join the May Lawn Team in 2008 and work with his brother-in-law Jake.  Rod’s extensive knowledge in  construction, equipment and care taking of his own rental properties  was put to work quickly as he lead the “quality control” crew.  Rod is our go to person when you need something done and done right.

Rod is putting all his skills into a new business for Absentee Homeowner Property Care. Things like home checks to satisfy insurance requirements, repairs or supervision of, hot tub care, snow plowing, owner arrival preparations. Call him and discuss what he can do for you. Rod May at 261-5950 or



He’s ready for everything!

Born and raised in Whitefish, Montana, Joel Phelps has been serving our community since he was old enough to push a lawn mower. He started off serving you food and cleaning your clubs at our Whitefish Lake Golf Course. He’s had a hand in building numerous houses in our valley and there’s a good chance he has poured the concrete for your house! For the past few years he has been landscaping your yards as a supervisor at May Lawn and Home Care. His hard work and success has led him to start, Stumptown Snow Plowing. He comes highly recommended and aims to ensure quality care for your home or business’s snow management needs. Contact Joel at 471-6364
Licensed and insured


Arborist Care Demistified- Somewhat!

Now you have a new yard- sipping tea on the patio looking at your beautiful trees, gorgeous flowers backed by vibrant shrubs- but what’s this!  Holes in my leaves?  And this one over here is bronzing  with spider webs!  Oh wait! Why is the top of my evergreen dying?  Don’t panic!  These are all treatable and preventable.

Your new yard needs some time to get use to it’s new life.  The stress of planting can last up to 5 years depending on the plant, size and location.  We recommend having an arborist to assess your property if you have a large investment in trees and shrubs.

We can get an estimate for you that will include many of the following treatment for corresponding pests. They will use timing and proper identification as a key in successfully stopping or preventing pest damage.


DORMANT OIL & COPPER SPRAY:  For fruit and deciduous trees & shrubs to control Aphids, Spider Mites, Tent

     Caterpillars, Scale and over-wintering insects, larvae and eggs. A disease preventative of Fireblight, Bacterial Canker,

     Blossom and Shoot Blast.

BORER SPRAY:  Preventative spray for Bronze Birch Borer and Salix Poplar borer, etc.

EVERGREEN SPRAY:  Used to treat White Pine Weevil, Pine Tip Moth, Spruce Aphid, Cooley Spruce Gall, Saw Fly,

     Mites, Pine Scale.  (May be used on deciduous trees & shrubs)

FRUIT TREE SPRAY w/ Fungicide:  Controls Ants, Aphids, Leafminers/hoppers/rollers, Tent Caterpillars, Web &

     Bag Worms, Whiteflies, Moths.  Also Powdery Mildew, Rust and Scale.

INSECT CONTROL SPRAY:  Controls Ants, Aphids, Leafminers/hoppers/rollers, Tent Caterpillars, Web & Bag

     Worms, Whiteflies, Moths.

INSECT CONTROL SPRAY w/ Miticide/Ovacide:  Controls Mites, Ants, Aphids, Tent Caterpillars,

     Leafminers/hoppers/rollers, Web & Bag Worms, Whiteflies, Moths. 

FUNGICIDE SPRAY:  Evergreen and deciduous trees & shrubs for Needle Cast, Rust, Leaf Spot, Foliar Blight,

     Powdery Mildew.

SPRUCE BUD WORM & DOUGLAS FIR TUSSOCK MOTH SPRAY:  Fir and Spruce trees for Spruce Bud

                   Worm & Tussock Moth.



DOUGLAS FIR / LARCH BEETLE SPRAY (April – May):  Preventative Spray

                        MCH BEETLE BLOCK:  Preventative – Pheromones

PINE BEETLE SPRAY (May – Mid-June):  Preventative Spray

                        VERBENONE:  Preventative



INSECT CONTROL:  Aphids, Bronze Birch Borers, Flathead Borers, Spider Mites, Tent Caterpillars, Bag Worms,

     Leafminers, Bark Beetles.

FERTLIZER:  For Foliar and Root growth, helps quicken recovery from disease, drought, construction damage, insects

     and other stresses.

ANTIBIOTIC:  Controls/suppression of various diseases: Blights, Rust & Fireblight.

FUNGICIDE:  Controls/suppression of diseases.



INSECT CONTROL:  Aphids, Bronze Birch Borers, Flathead Borers, Leafminers/rollers, Whiteflies, Sawflies, Scale.  (Does not control Spider Mites.  Mites need to be controlled with spray or micro-injections)

FERTILIZATION:  For Foliar and Root growth, helps quicken recovery from disease, drought, construction damage,

     insects and other stresses.


Pruning and maintenance programs for trees and shrubs.

Call today to set up your landscape evaluation!

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