How much water does my lawn need?

Over watering your lawn causes more damage than a lack of water. Most grasses can handle dry spells, but not flooding. Constant wet soil can cause diseases, compaction of soil, and no air for the roots to breathe. Not to mention we have a hard time not tearing up the lawn when it’s wet!

Most grasses require 1″ – 1.5″ of water per week. This is enough water to moisten the soil to 4″ – 6″ below the surface for clay soils and 8 – 10″ for sandy soils. Each lawn is so different you need to keep track of how much water is needed for your lawn to do well. Keeping these notes will help you as you change your schedule according to the weather. Spring and Fall watering is very different from July and Aug. The fun part is guessing how much water the sky put down and how much your sprinkler system or you should water. So either have a rain guage to see how much has fallen and adjust or have us put in a weather sensing controller. These controllers update multiple times in a day and reduce or increase the water according the weather at your house!

Water early in the morning when there is little wind and no sun to evaporate the water. Have your sprinkler system off roughly 24 hours before we come to mow.

If in doubt test your lawn. If it’s green and lush give it less water and see what it does, it may not need all you are giving it.