Aeration.. How and Why

What is aeration?  It’s those dirt and grass plugs you see laying on people’s lawns or at golf courses!  Why?

It removes up to 50% of your thatch.

Reduces water needs up to 60%.

Provides roots with oxygen.

Stimulates root growth and more efficient fertilizer absorption.

Helps increase your lawns strength, disease tolerance and drought.

Over all it makes a thick, healthy, green lawn!!

Turfgrass cultivation activities include hollow tine aerification, solid tine aerification, spiking, slicing, and water injection. These activities, to varying degrees, can reduce thatch, prepare turf for overseeding, and relieve soil compaction.

We use a self-powered hollow tine aerifiers (core aerifiers) that insert hollow tines into the soil, removing a soil plug 3/4″ in diameter and 2″ to 3″ deep, depending on soil type and soil moisture.  In general, the more cores removed per square foot, the more effective the cultivation will be; removing fifteen to thirty cores per square foot is recommended.  This is done by making 2 perpendicular swipes over the lawn.   This also must be done during active growth and a month prior to winter shut-down.

Golf courses do it every year!

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